For Investors

Investment Strategies

LVG Investments seeks opportunistic avenues for its investment program, including:

  • Identification of real estate opportunities for development, supported by market research, or non-performing assets with a potential for value-added services
  • Change of use opportunities with the potential for greater yield/return
  • Creation of sale lease backs
  • Identification of sellers who need to monetize their real estate

Investment Objectives

LVG Investments’ base objectives are to preserve or improve cash flow and annual returns, diversify risk and maximize value at the time of disposition.

Acquisitions are carefully evaluated on their fundamentals. In addition, LVG Investments targets retail, residential and land assets that:

  • Benefit from the firm’s repositioning background
  • Offer convenience or necessity
  • Can generate immediate income
  • Are infill sites with high barriers to entry
  • Are in underdeveloped submarkets with greater upside potential
  • Are anchored with sufficient lease term remaining
  • Have a clear exit strategy

LVG promotes a company culture rooted in transparency, professionalism and sustainable development practices that benefit the environment and are socially responsible.